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Six Ways to Put the Diversity Vision Statement into Action:

Navigating the tension between consistency and innovation requires structures

and clear visions. Here are our six tips:

Integrate DEI into your business strategy and develop an internal workforce focused on accountability as an integral part in succession planning.

Educate Executives and Senior Leadership on D&I. Focus on conceptual frameworks and how to actualize and institutionalize them.

Ensure that the business case for DEI is disseminated and understood throughout the organization and accessible to everyone involved. Practicing Diversity and Inclusion starts with the language we use in our codes of conducts eg “Who are we writing about versus for?”.​

Establish metrics around recruitment, hiring, retention, promotion, career development, and succession planning. These may be framed in terms of percentages, or in concrete numbers. Include timelines and target dates

Develop a communication plan that makes your commitment to DEI clearly defined(externally and internally). 

Construct inter thematic and position level diverse relationships and integration of a stable mediation and conflict management practice.

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