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Training & Workshops

Sustainable and long-lasting solutions for companies and private persons on the complexities of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, require support from experts who know how to guide groups from a collective perspective.


Deconstructing traditions that dominate a group culture can be beneficial for all parties involved.

Recruiting and retaining talent internationally requires a specific process, a process that differs itself from integration differences

in class and generational beliefs locally.

Bringing these diverse convictions together does not mean stripping individuals of a group from their own values - it means expanding on them.

Training and workshops:


Customized specifically to your status quo we facilitate training on the topics of

1. We offer a basic package for smaller and larger groups of peoples who wish to enter the space of self-reflection and awareness on complex topics.

2. Advanced and longer-lasting training (eg. once a month for 12 months) on approaching DEI from an intersectional and sustainable perspective.

3. Anti-Bias: We provide workshops on anti-bias, anti-discrimination, anti-racism, and critical whiteness for the interested public to be upskilled .

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